Patrick Wightman

After years of dabbling in the physical practice of yoga, Patrick came to realize that a consistent practice would help him gain the functional strength and balance he needed as an avid snowboarder. Being the inquisitive person that he is, Patrick was hungry to learn more about yoga and dive deeper into his personal practice. When signing up for teacher training, he solely wanted to explore proper alignment, breathing techniques and other facets of the classes he had been attending. But it didn’t take long for him to flip the switch and realize that he did indeed want to share this practice with others. After the first experience of leading a class during his 200-hr Puma Yoga Teacher Training, Patrick instantly fell in love with the challenge and responsibility that is bestowed upon a teacher.

With each class he leads, he aims to create a connection with each student and harbor a safe and welcoming atmosphere. He pulls inspiration for his classes from nature, other teachers and his own experiences. Patrick is always eager to grow and learn from the lessons that life brings his way, and he aims to show students how to seize those same opportunities. He hopes that his students leave his class feeling confident, empowered and inspired.

His personal practice has given him the tools he needed to be the best version of himself each and every day. Like a true yogi, he takes the experiences from his mat out to the world in order to see the beauty that is always all around us.


Fallen angel: This pose requires the perfect combination of confidence, trust, strength and focus. Each time the pose is challenging and different, but full of possibilities - just like everyday life.

Class Offerings 
Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00pm Power
Friday 4:45 - 5:45pm Core Fusion