Lizbeth Wolfe

Lizabeth began her yoga practice after experiencing the benefits of a Yoga Nidra class. In her early 20's she was searching for a holistic way to care for her self and her growing baby during pregnancy. Through her research, she began a daily yoga practice that supported her in a natural, conscious childbirth. Lizabeth incorporates movement, mantra, and meditation in to her own practice and brings those elements in to her yoga classes as well to support and encourage her students.

You can expect freshness and balance in Lizabeth's classes as she blends community, support, and playfulness in to her classes by using the foundations of the 8 Limbs, pranayama, and self care throughout. Leave feeling mentally and physically calmer and focused, connected to the self and relaxed. Yoga brings Lizabeth joy as she sees the effects that it brings to herself and others. She believes we're here to connect our roots, mend our hearts and our communities; to care for our planet, and to lift each other up.


Balancing Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana): There was a time when this was my very least favorite most avoided posture. It terrified me! I just knew I would get a concussion or twist and ankle. None of this was true. With the right support and over time, it's become one of those poses that just floods my heart with happiness. This pose teaches me that I'm more than I believe sometimes, and not to believe evertyhing I think!

Class Offerings 
Sunday 11:30am - 12:30pm Prenatal Yoga