Laura Mazucca

In 2010 in midst of my Executive career with NASA, I participated in an offering for employees of a "stress management lunch time class" (guided meditation/chair yoga.)   Within minutes of being guided to focus on my breathe and where it landing into my body I was hooked!  I ended up at the instructors yoga studio that evening in a beginners class and within a year, ended up so inspired that I walked away from that corporate role & lifestyle to pursue yoga, fitness & holistic health. 

What will you receive from one of Laura's classes?  Student's can expect to be guided to approach their practice without expectation yet as a time for true self discovery within the body and mind.   Continually anchoring their awareness into their space (whether it's in a powerful flow or full relaxation format,) as to what is being offered to them when met with resistance in the physical body... allowance of  a compassionate and an open heart, so that their practice is as organic and self reflective as possible!
Waking up before dawn while the rest of the world sleeps brings this yogini much joy.  "I savor the stillness, the way it feels as if I am getting the world "to myself" in my meditation time.  It sets the tone and stills my mind for the day ahead!  And a great latte, who doesn't love a latte?

Camatkarasana "Wild Thing!": The contrast of the pose that allows my heart to feel open and vulnerable, yet to feel my strength & power!
Class Offerings 
Sunday 4:00 - 5:00pm Vinyasa
Sunday 5:15 - 6:15pm Relaxation Flow with Meditation
Friday 4:30 - 5:45pm Kundalini