Bianca Tate, Studio Manager

Bianca was found by yoga many years ago, and she found Puma Yoga in 2015. A moment of serendipity allowed her to transition from client to studio manager, and she’s been growing with Puma ever since. While she had always been interested in a healthy lifestyle, through diet, yoga, and exercise, Bianca worked in the service industry and felt its toll on her body. A friend inspired her to move past her fears and begin transforming her passion into her career. In 2016, Bianca completed the 200-hour Puma Yoga Teaching Training, and she continues to further her education in nutrition, personal training, and Reiki.

Yoga informs Bianca’s life; to her, it’s about taking breath and taking time, and it inspires her to be a better version of herself with every day.

Her personal calling to help others shows itself in her teaching practice. Bianca’s classes focus on integrating breath and movement and allowing students to follow the inclinations of their personal practice. Bianca draws from inspiration everywhere, whether it’s an image in nature or a sound she hears, to guide her innovative and creative classes.


Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon pose): Because of the way, depending on the day, it can allow her to open up or it can feel like a struggle, which reminds her of the way life requires a constant effort toward balance.


Class Offerings 
Saturday 7:30 - 8:30am Basics