Tips and Etiquette


  • Arrive to class 10-15 minutes early.  Please check in and take care of payment arrangements before class.
  • If you have a yoga mat, bring it. If not, mats are available to rent and purchase.
  • Hydrate. Bring your own water bottle (BYOB). We are a Green Yoga Studio.  Water is available for $1 to fill-up.
  • Practice on an empty stomach waiting at least 2–3 hours after eating; a full belly can cause discomfort.
  • Inform the teacher before class if you have any injuries, diseases, recent surgeries, low back or disc problems.
  • Wear comfortable clothes like leggings, sweats, tank tops and/or tshirts. Wear clothing and undergarments that COVER you. Exposure does happen, and we’d like to focus on our teaching and practice and not the fear of your tidbits being exposed.
  • If you get tired, you may rest whenever you like in child’s pose, or by lying down on your back or belly. This can be done any time during your practice and is a sign of strength. Resting often gives others permission to do the same.
  • Do take time afterwards to think about what you did in class.  Reflect on how you feel physically, emotionally, spiritually.  
  • Be willing and open to try new things, explore and have some fun!


  • Arrive to class on time. If you arrive late, please wait at the back of the studio space in reception area and enter AFTER the initial centering is over and students begin to move. If you need to leave early, inform the instructor so that you may be signaled before final relaxation.
  • Enter fresh and clean. Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. Taking a bath or shower both before/after practicing refreshes both body and mind.
  • Turn your cell phone off or leave them in your car. Commit to being technology free for 1 hour.
  • Be considerate of the sacredness of the space — pick-up after yourself and if you borrow studio mats, please wipe them down with mat cleaner which is provided. Fold blankets & mats neatly and replace them in an organized fashion. Leave the space in better shape than you found it.
  • Keep voices low when socializing in the common area as class may still be in progress.