Suggested Classes

If you’re new to yoga and our studio, might we suggest you try one of these classes? The classes listed below are appropriate for those who’ve never practiced, yogis getting back into the yoga groove or recovering from an injury...or those wanting to revisit the basics.

An intelligent and organic flow informed by the body’s structure. This class focuses on how to advance your practice through greater detail to alignment. Focusing on physical alignment provides for a safe exploration of one’s practice and an opportunity to align the energy body.

We break down the individual movements and teach basic yoga fundamentals in this vinyasa flow class. Although the class is geared toward the beginner, it is also great for students with more experience looking to slow down or deepen their practice. It is our intention to get you moving so that you can feel the effect of the yoga, but provide extra instruction at a slightly slower pace to help you build your yoga foundation.

Relax and unwind in this less physically demanding form of yoga. Deep, conscious breathing and attention to the present moment are encouraged as students move gently through flowing as well as restorative postures. Poses are held longer to allow the body to relax into them. Soothing music, aromatherapy, gentle massage, and use of props encourage total relaxation. A guided meditation ends the class. Suitable for all levels.

This class will combine elements of vinyasa and restorative yoga complimented by music that inspires, relaxes and restores.  The class begins with warming and flowing sequences linked to breath,  prepping the body for the second half of class, deep stretching and relaxation. The final segment of class incorporates restorative, supportive poses preparing the body and mind for final relaxation, a sweet savasana.


Nothing beats our Introductory Month of Yoga for just $40! This will last for 30 days after the date of purchase and includes any of our regularly scheduled classes.

  • Buy it online or at our studio. Just let our front desk staff know it's your first time at Puma. New students only, please.
  • This program is good 365 days of the year, and we encourage you to share it with your friends!
  • This offer is non-transferrable and cannot be shared.