PY Yoga Scholarships

Puma Yoga is a community that works together to ensure that the benefits of yoga, movement and meditation is accessible to every person that has a design to practice in our studio and as part of the PY Tribe.

But sometimes short- or long-term financial hardships prevent people from practicing in the studio.

For this reason we have created the PY Scholarship Fund as a way to offer scholarships for classes, workshops and programs to the extent we can afford to do so. This financial assistance — supported through our members, clients and the PY studio — is open to any student who may not be able to afford the cost of a class, workshop and programs.

Support the PY Scholarship Fund
The PY Scholarship Fund is maintained by students, clients, and anonymous donors.

Donations of any denomination are accepted at any time either through the studio or made through our online store. Members are also welcome and encouraged to contribute an additional $5 per month to help support the Fund.

Benefit from the PY Scholarship Fund
If you are on a limited income, a full-time higher education student, temporarily unemployed, or a health issues (that you or a family member is experiencing) and it is creating financial hardship, you may apply for financial assistance.

Applications are available in the studio or you may fill out an online version here. (A new tab will be opened, please make sure your browser allows popups.)

All applications must be submitted to the Studio before the 20th of March, June, September and/or December.

Decisions are made quarterly, and scholarships are good for three months. You will be notified by the first of the month on which the scholarship term begins.

Applications are kept on file for 3 months, so there is no need to reapply every month.