Class Descriptions

We encourage you to browse our yoga class schedule, read the class and workshop descriptions ahead of time to get a sense of what to expect from the class/workshop that appeals to you the most.

An intelligent and organic flow informed by the body’s structure. This class focuses on how to advance your practice through greater detail to alignment. Focusing on physical alignment provides for a safe exploration of one’s practice and an opportunity to align the energy body.

We break down the individual movements and teach basic yoga fundamentals in this vinyasa flow class. Although the class is geared toward the beginner, it is also great for students with more experience looking to slow down or deepen their practice. It is our intention to get you moving so that you can feel the effect of the yoga, but provide extra instruction at a slightly slower pace to help you build your yoga foundation.

Relax and unwind in this less physically demanding form of yoga. Deep, conscious breathing and attention to the present moment are encouraged as students move gently through flowing as well as restorative postures. Poses are held longer to allow the body to relax into them. Soothing music, aromatherapy, gentle massage, and use of props encourage total relaxation. A guided meditation ends the class. Suitable for all levels.

This class will combine elements of vinyasa and restorative yoga complimented by music that inspires, relaxes and restores. The class begins with warming and flowing sequences linked to breath, prepping the body for the second half of class, deep stretching and relaxation. The final segment of class incorporates restorative, supportive poses preparing the body and mind for final relaxation, a sweet savasana.

Set the pace for your day with this early morning vinyasa flow class. This moderately paced class is suitable for all levels and will allow you to wake up your body and your mind. Move into your day in a grounded and spacious frame of mind.

A soulful and athletic practice that fuses vinyasa yoga with intense core work for the ultimate mind body experience. The class will incorporate sun salutations and warrior sequences woven with isolated arm, thigh and ab work as you build the heat, then reward yourself and let go with a restful savanna. This uplifting core yoga class will leave you strengthened, stretched, and sweaty!

This flowing class incorporates yoga postures in a fluid, flowing style that combines strength and spirit, integration of breath with movement and alignment principals. Accessible to all levels of practitioners, the class may include a variety of core work, hip openers, inversions and backbends. Leave feeling cleansed, energized and inner connected. Modifications are given.

A mindful, introspective and balanced yoga practice that combines the styles of Yin and Vinyasa yoga into an integrative and creative movement class. Release, create space and find integrity in the joints and core, while building strength and balance through breathwork and repetition of movement. This class is recommended for all athletes, including runners, cyclists, and weight lifters. A welcoming class for those looking for a slower paced class.

Vigorous and challenging, this class consists of a flowing series of intense yoga postures. Breath is emphasized. Explore in-depth sun salutations, backbends, inversions and arm balances. Not recommended for beginners.

The prenatal yoga program at Puma Yoga is created to prepare you for labor and delivery. Classes focus on breathing and relaxation techniques as well as yoga postures that help develop and promote muscle strengthening and toning, balance and circulation. Restorative postures are included in class. Whether you are an advanced yoga practitioner or new to yoga, Puma Yoga invites our moms-to-be to join us for prenatal yoga classes that will help to prepare the body and heart for childbirth. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other moms in a safe, warm environment. Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, release tension, maintain good posture, and aid in keeping an upbeat attitude especially when dealing with stresses associated with pregnancy and motherhood.

BABY & ME (when offered)
This playful class for moms, dads, and care-givers, will provide you and your baby with a wonderful opportunity to build strength and flexibility in addition to nurturing intimacy in these important early developmental months. You will learn gentle hands-on yoga poses for baby that will stimulate growing muscles, aid in digestion and promote better sleeping patterns. It is also a chance to reconnect with the supportive community that you may have found in Prenatal Yoga, or to connect within a new environment of mothers and babies. Please bring a blanket for your baby and a few small toys. Class appropriate for ages 6 weeks to crawlers.

POSTNATAL (When Offered)
Postnatal yoga classes help women regain strength and energy that may have been lost during pregnancy. We will be focusing on specific muscles and anatomy each week. Classes also address common issues and concerns that may arise in this new chapter of life. This class is open to new moms who want to start a yoga practice as well as new moms who want to ease back into their pre-pregnancy practice.